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Workshops, lectures & individual therapy sessions

Welcome to The UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy & Education ...

The UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy and Education has been founded with the purpose of supporting counsellors, psychotherapists and educators in the work of enabling men and women of all ages to experience and express their sexuality with awareness, creativity and fulfilment. It will also offer therapeutic support to members of the public in the form of workshops, lectures and individual therapy sessions.


Sexual Grounding Therapy©

Due to the success of our last introductory workshops we are pleased to announce another introductory workshop:

15th - 17th November

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These workshops provide participants with an experiential introduction to Sexual Grounding Therapy© together with an outline of the underlying theory and the opportunity to ask questions about the work.


"Powerful and profound work. The space was held skilfully by Geoff and Helena. I learnt a lot about male and female polarities and energies."

"Helena and Geoff's sheer compassion, years of experience and breadth of skill were immediately evident I'll be recommending to colleagues"

"An incredible couple of days, beautifully led and supported by Helena and Geoff, allowing a safe space to dive into the unknown."

Presented by Helena Lovendal-Duffell & Geoff Lamb

All workshops and lectures at the UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy and Education are brought to you by our experienced lecture team consisting of Helena Lovendal-Duffell and Geoff Lamb. For more details click the button link below.