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Sexual Grounding Therapy©

DATE: 2nd - 3rd March 2019

DATE: 18th - 19th May 2019

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This workshop provides participants with an experiential introduction to Sexual Grounding Therapy© together with an outline of the underlying theory and the opportunity to ask questions about the work.

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Beyond Oedipus (For Professionals)

Following the first successful workshop in this series earlier this year, Geoff Lamb and Helena Løvendal-Duffell are pleased to present these workshops, starting this Autumn.


Identity and Sexuality - A Somatic Perspective

DATE: 20th Jan 2018

How we think about ourselves as gendered and sexual beings is a learned experienced, highly influenced by our cultural ‘Image-Makers,’ and in particular the relationship with our same-gender parent. How could things be different if we were fully present in our ‘Gender Ground’ instead of reacting to gender identity? What might be revealed if we paid more attention to the deep language of the body? We will present a new way of seeing these issues and its clinical implications.

Attachments and Sexual Mirroring

DATE: 3rd Feb 2018

Mirroring is important in psychotherapy generally, but this is mostly seen as a very early non-sexual process. What is less well known is the importance of being mirrored, at the Oedipal stage, as a sexual being. During this day, we will be exploring the implications of this both in terms of individual clients’ history and of the client therapist relationship.

Sexual Relating: Procreation, Recreation, Co-creation

DATE: 17th Mar 2018

On this module we pay attention to our relationship to the opposite gender parent and how the relationship between our parents has affected our relational patterns and how we relate to our own sexual energy. We examine messages internalised about being a sexual being and how the lack of erotic mirroring may have affected us. We see the role of the body’s energetic system, in particular the Heart/Genital flow and its distortions.

Self-Regulation and the Freedom Illusion

DATE: 14th Apr 2018

In reaction to years of cultural sexual repression we have developed defensive structures, which prevent us learning healthy regulation of our sexual self-concept and behaviours through our bodies, or the bodies of our parents. Instead of deep feeling leading us to values, we embody over-excitement, stimulated by the consumer culture (especially the internet) that can never fulfil or be successfully grounded. We will discuss a model to promote the return of original innocence, self-regulation and choice and its clinical implications.

Harnessing the Power of the Erotic Transference

DATE: 16th Jun 2018

Therapists know that children need to be properly mirrored to internalise healthy self-concepts. But cultural difficulties regarding the body and sex have meant that the need for Sexual Mirroring has been ignored, leaving a crucial void in our development as whole persons. The Erotic Transference is a way of seeking repair, missing or ignoring this powerful dynamic sets the stage for a transferential ‘folie a deux’ in which both therapist and client risk getting lost. Therapists who understand this and learn the skills of using its power can provide stage-appropriate sexual mirroring, even if they have not had it themselves.