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Sexual Grounding Therapy©

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What is Sexual Grounding Therapy©?

Who is This Work Aimed at?

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What is Sexual Grounding Therapy©?

Sexual Grounding Therapy© is a powerful form of psychological self-development rooted in experiential body-psychotherapy which takes place in a group format. It was developed, in the early 1990s, by the Dutch developmental psychologist and body-psychotherapist Willem Poppeliers. It represents an innovative approach to systemic, body-oriented depth psychology and psychosexual therapy. Sexual Grounding Therapy offers something that is missing from many psychotherapeutic methods in that it focuses explicitly, directly, but at the same time sensitively on the myriad of problematic issues which surround sexuality and relationships.

Poppeliers follows Freud in considering the primal life force to be sexual, but goes beyond Freud’s original pioneering work by exploring how sexual energy manifests itself during the whole of a person's lifetime. In particular, Sexual Grounding Therapy© provides a framework for exploring how being born into the world of our parents relationship, with all their human frailties, and into our cultural context can affect the natural flow of our energy. Willem Poppeliers’ work offers us a way to regain our healthy sexual functioning, based on his model of psychosexual development and maturation, which spans the whole of our lives from birth to death.

Who is This Work Aimed at?

This programme will benefit you if:

• You want to create, maintain and develop fulfilling and lasting sexual relationships

• You’re interested in rediscovering the innocence, excitement, curiosity and regulation of your sexual energy and expression

• You’d like to feel affirmed as the wonderful sexual being that you are

The focus of this challenging and innovative work starts with the Oedipal stage of development (between 4 and 6) and the series of 8 week-long modules, divided into two groups of 4 (Coursework 1 and Coursework 2), takes participants from this stage until their death. Because we’re starting at the Oedipal stage, Helena and I would see this work as most suitable for those who already have some therapeutic experience during which they have had the opportunity to explore earlier issues.

Although you may still read references to ‘training’ on some websites and the staff who lead the coursework are referred to as ‘trainers’, the purpose of the coursework is personal development rather than professional training and we welcome both professional and non-professional participants. Nevertheless, we have found that professionals in the field of personal growth, together with others whose work may involve relationships and sexuality, gain profound insights, which can greatly enhance their everyday practice.

Participants who complete Courseworks 1 and 2 and who are licensed to practice as psychotherapists in their country of residence are eligible to apply for training as Sexual Grounding Therapists.

Course Content

In Sexual Grounding Therapy© Willem Popelliers has developed exercises and therapeutic structures which enable participants to feel seen as the sexual beings they are and which give them a new experience of their sexual innocence, with full support from parents as models for male and female identity. This could be seen as process of sexual re-education, like re-learning the facts of life.

As far as Sexual Grounding is concerned, one of our most important tasks in life is learning to balance our masculine and feminine elements, which we inherit by virtue of being born from the union between a father and mother: our sources of life, gender, and sexuality. Sexual Grounding Therapy© helps participants to achieve freedom from inappropriate projections and life-scripts, to regulate and harmonise the inner and outer flow of their sexual energy, to place sexuality within the context of relationship, and to feel supported as sexual beings by their parents and ancestors.

In this way, we can develop a sexual life that is grounded in reality and passes on what has been learned to future generations. We can then begin to own our true human birthright; being rooted in our bodies, supported in our minds, and linked in a line of human care - supported in our sexual ground. This state could be said to resemble Carl Jung's concept of the "Inner Marriage" of masculinity and femininity, but in Sexual Grounding Therapy the results are to be experienced much more tangibly, in our bodies and in our relationships.

During the course, participants re-experience the natural progression of development; from girlhood to becoming a woman, from boyhood to becoming a man. In dynamic exercises they experience the importance of receiving supportive sexual mirroring, which helps them to feel seen as sexual beings. There will also be theoretical explanation from the staff team in order to put their experience into a cognitive context. Participants can therefore be said to acquire a ‘cellular’ knowledge, through body experience within a sophisticated theoretical framework.

Admission to the programme is based on participants’ attendance at one of the introductory weekends (See details of the next one below).

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Gaunts House (Visit website for details)

17th - 24th August 2020
6th - 13th December 2020
9th - 16th April 2021

Dates for the 4th block to be announced

All of these modules will start after lunch on the first day and finish after lunch on the last day.

Coursework Costs: £3200 for all four modules i.e. £850 per module (Early bird price £3000 i.e. £750 per module if paid by 28th February 2020) NB We can allow you to pay on a per module basis, but only on the basis that you commit to paying for all four modules come what may. We are, in any case, asking participants to commit to all four modules of the coursework so as to preserve the integrity of the group.

Sub-group Costs: In between each of the modules, participants are required to attend a process group, called a sub-group, whose purpose is to give them the opportunity to individually process the issues raised by the work in the preceding module (Whilst there will be opportunities in the coursework modules for some individual process work, it is also important for each participant to have this opportunity between the modules). The cost of this will be £145 per participant per group.

Accommodation costs: £80 per person per night full board for shared room with two people (If you're coming from a distance and want to stay the night before the module starts, this can be arranged with Gaunts House).

Introductory Weekend Workshop

£200 + accomodation
(There is some accommodation available on site and other options available locally. Please ask for details at the time of making your booking).

15th - 17th November 2019
6.30 - 9.30 Friday evening,
10.00 - 6.00 Saturday,
10.00 - 1.00 Sunday

Trealy Farm,
Mitchel Troy
NP25 4BL

This workshop provides participants with an experiential introduction to Sexual Grounding Therapy© together with an outline of the underlying theory and the opportunity to ask questions about the work.

What People are Saying ...

"Powerful and profound work. The space was held very skilfully by Geoff and Helena. I learnt a lot about male and female polarities and energies."

"I cannot imagine any other scenario in which I would feel as safe and held whilst also being profoundly challenged - and therefore enabled to go to such depths within myself. Helena and Geoff's sheer compassion, years of experience ans breadth of skill were immediately evident. I would say this workshop is not for the faint hearted.............. I imagine the repercussions of this workshop will be many and far reaching in my life. I will be recommending it to friends and colleagues and look forward to more for myself when the opportunity arises." 

"An incredible couple of days, beautifully led and supported by Helena and Geoff, allowing a safe space to dive into the unknown. I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to become the best they can be.!" 

"For me, it started to close the split between my sexual side and the rest of me, words like embracing, owning, accepting, enjoying, being relaxed with, reclaiming, ... come to mind. Observing and recognising unmet needs before and during adolescence, feeling them and articulating them; connecting with and respecting the sexual part of me; these are phrases that begin to describe why I found it valuable. My body feels different - the pull I was conscious of, back to adolescent feelings and stresses, has diminished and the chance to develop a stronger heart-genital expression seems available."