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I saw this great article over the weekend. There had been an earlier one which was just critical of T I's attitude etc., but what I really appreciate is Flo Perry's sex-positive approach in the second half, which resonates with the Sexual Grounding theory of what adolescents, not just girls, need to hear about sex from their parents.

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I want to say something about consent and young people. I believe this subject will form part of the curriculum for the now compulsory 'Sex and Relationship Education' in schools. This is great, as is what's written in the media for adults too, but I want to put forward a different perspective.

What if young people had parents or adults in their lives who could not only say 'no' to sexual activity when it wasn't wanted, but also say a whole-hearted 'yes' when it was? What if they also had parents/adults who were sensitive and confident enough to accept the 'no' without feeling diminished and brave enough to initiate the sex which they wanted?

This message would be taken in on a much deeper level than the information/ rules presently available.

An expanded version of this idea will form part of my upcoming book on Sexual Grounding Therapy, which will be published next year.